FreeGo Raptor Electric Bike

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The Raptor, to our knowledge, is the lightest full size electric bicycle on the market. With a single gear the Raptor is a superb nimble commuting bike perfect for taking into your office or apartment. The Raptor is available in 5.5Ah and11Ah.

Aluminium, matt black oven hardened.
Wheels C700 double walled Aluminium
Motor 200Wh helical geared brushless. Sine wave controller.
Battery Lithium Ion 24V 5.5Ah
Weight 14kg with battery
Range in miles 10 -12 miles depending on topography, weight of rider, weather and conditions etc. An additional battery (11Ah) will double the range

The following is all included with the bike:
Battery , Charger, and basically everything you see and need to use the bike!