Our Story

We are a fresh new company, currently operating for just over a year, and our passion are electric bikes. We are currently based in North East Lincolnshire, in a beautiful seaside town called Cleethorpes, and our electric bike specialists, Richard and Andy have many years of experience in building custom electric bikes.

Not only do we build bespoke electric bikes to our customer specification, but we also offer a wide range of services from converting regular bikes to electric bikes to servicing them and creating amazing designs. We must admit this endeavour has proved itself to be pretty bumpy at times, however when riding a bike it does happen to hit a bump or two. What is more important is that, here at PicaRock we live to serve our clients and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We will never offer you a bike which is not suited for you and we will always allow you to take the bike for a spin before you make your decision.

So if you are planning on buying an E-bike or simple are curious on how they work, why not pop down to our shop or give us a call? We will be able to advise you on the perfect E-bike which suits your needs and we will also answer any questions you might have about E-bikes.

See you on the road fellow bike enthusiast!